Protect Yourself: Sunscreen


This morning, I had an idea to start a new series. It will be a series that will help me succeed at being healthier and I wanted to share it because I feel that these topics or things are important for everyone to implement into their lives. The first topic I want to focus on is sunscreen.

Sunscreen was never important until the summertime in my household. And even then, it was kind of taken for granted. We would only apply it once throughout the day after going in and out of different settings – home, pool, beach, etc. However, I did not understand the degree of sunscreen’s importance.

A co-worker brought it to my attention earlier this year and ever since then I can’t seem to open either one of my purses or backpacks without having a sunscreen lotion in it. I am not faithful at applying it as much as needed, but I am doing my best (as evident in my purchase of sunscreen lotions and placing in every bag I own) to protect myself from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays and I invite you along this journey with me. Below, I have done research and found some sources on how to apply, when to apply and how much to apply sunscreen. In the bottom, you will also find a short educational video available on the TED Ed platform by creators Andrew Foerster and Kevin P. Boyd.


Featured Photo:

Why Do We Have to Wear Sunscreen? Ted Ed:







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