Slideshow: How To Overcome Stress Through Imagery for College Students

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I have created a slideshow in Flickr to explain and teach the methods of Mindfulness Meditation to help college students, like myself, get over stress and relax. This method, though geared towards college students, can be applied by anyone. If you would like more information on the steps and how to utilize them, please click the image of the beach below and it will take you to the original Flickr account. In the slideshow above, you will see a sample of the steps and images I’ve used and taken, personally, at my college campus and other scenic places in the California SouthBay area. If you are not able to access the Flickr slideshow via the picture, I will also leave a link to reference as well. Please enjoy =) !

Link to How To Overcome Stress Through Imagery for College Students via Flickr:

How To Overcome Stress Through Imagery for College Students


In the life of a 13-year-old athlete…

In the November 3rd posting about Mental Toughness & Agility, I talked about my brother’s role as a middle school student and athlete. The documentary is now complete and will be shared in this post. This documentary, both directed and produced by me, chronicles his daily activities and shadows his life as a youth athlete. Hopefully this artful piece that I have constructed will allow you to see a glimpse into the struggles, triumphs, and adversities that young athletes face.

Without further ado…

Link to video hosted on YouTube:


Protect Yourself: Sunscreen


This morning, I had an idea to start a new series. It will be a series that will help me succeed at being healthier and I wanted to share it because I feel that these topics or things are important for everyone to implement into their lives. The first topic I want to focus on is sunscreen.

Sunscreen was never important until the summertime in my household. And even then, it was kind of taken for granted. We would only apply it once throughout the day after going in and out of different settings – home, pool, beach, etc. However, I did not understand the degree of sunscreen’s importance.

A co-worker brought it to my attention earlier this year and ever since then I can’t seem to open either one of my purses or backpacks without having a sunscreen lotion in it. I am not faithful at applying it as much as needed, but I am doing my best (as evident in my purchase of sunscreen lotions and placing in every bag I own) to protect myself from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays and I invite you along this journey with me. Below, I have done research and found some sources on how to apply, when to apply and how much to apply sunscreen. In the bottom, you will also find a short educational video available on the TED Ed platform by creators Andrew Foerster and Kevin P. Boyd.


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Why Do We Have to Wear Sunscreen? Ted Ed:






Ted Talk: Mental Toughness & Agility

In an upcoming video, I documented my 13-year-old brother’s life. He plays pop warner football and has been since he was 8-years-old. I initially wanted to show and shadow him while he ran through a number of plays that expressed his position and the need for he position in football; however, it has turned into how he manages and balances his life with football, school, home duties, and social relationships. Since the video will not be posted until after a few weeks, I wanted to share this Ted talk presentation by Dr. Sean Richardson that explains what a lot of athletes must have in order to be driven past the normal or average human barriers and that is mental toughness. The link to the video will be provided below. I will also post more about my research and understanding of both mental toughness and agility, please stay tuned ….

Link to TEDxVictoria – Dr. Sean Richardson – Mental Toughness: Think Differently about your World –