Let’s Talk Herbalism…

A healthy alternative.

According to the internet, herbalism is the proactive usage of plants and herbs for medicinal purposes.


Many herbalists will say that it is a way of living a naturally healthy lifestyle without the added chemicals.

Why is it a topic today?

It is a topic that I have wanted to explore more in depth. I recently interviewed an herbalist who has practiced and implemented herbs as apart of her daily routine and for home remedies. The interview will be posted in a few days.

Using an herbal remedy on my own…

I purchased “Eden Salve” which is antibacterial salve designed to heal and soothe wounds, itches and/or bites. It is made with all natural ingredients and works like a charm. I have used it for the many paper cuts I obtained from my job and as… well, just being a student. One week, I got three! I was amazed.

Before I entered college in 2012, I had never experienced one before. The first day at my first job, I got a paper cut trying to pull files out of a tight cabinet that just would not budge. Determined to get those files out, I pulled until they came out which took about a good hour. Looking back, I laugh at my ambition, but I still admire more than ever what that ambition and determination allowed me to do. It has definitely contributed to my growth and allowed me to be who I am now.


Back to the topic…

After placing the salve on my wounds, I felt a cooling sensation and it instantly soothed my wounds. It took three days to heal and did not hurt one bit.

If you would like to check out some more herbs, all links to the Eden Salve and the herb store can be found below.


Eden Salve: http://www.bulkherbstore.com/Eden-Salve-50-Off

Bulk Herb Store: http://www.bulkherbstore.com/


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