One healthy and easy tip…


Moment of Realization

I have been so exhausted lately. I am constantly moving for about 17-18 hours almost every day without much sleep. It has caused me to crave more energy. I began by drinking caffeine, eating more and more starch and sugar, just to keep my energy up. Then one day, while I was supposed to be watching a movie for class, I crashed hard. I went to sleep for a couple of hours and immediately, felt so much better when I awoke! The key to my problem is lack of sleep. My body was telling me to rest but, I needed to be there for my mom and grandma, for my studies and coursework, and for my job.

After thinking about sleep, I decided to research the benefits of sleep. As a college student, I, amongst many of my peers deprive myself of sleep. I put it off until the late hours of the night when it is almost morning again, then roll out of bed maybe 4 or 5 hours later. This does us no good deed, as our bodies will most likely pay for it later. Lacking sleep (sleep deprivation) is a health concern/issue that many of us rarely pay attention to.

There are a number of things that sleep helps us do better…

According an article on, sleep can help us:

  1. Improve our memory
  2. Live a longer life
  3. Curb inflammations
  4. Aid us to become more creative
  5. Increase stamina and decrease daytime fatigue
  6. Here is a BIG one… Improve our grades
  7. Sharpen attention
  8. Lose weight
  9. Lower Stress
  10. Avoid Accidents on and off the road
  11. Stay away from depression


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