Sharing the power of vulnerability …


Let yourself been seen
Love with your whole heart
Practice gratitude and joy
Believe that you are enough

           – Dr. Brene Brown

I wanted to share this Ted Talk by Dr. Brene Brown because I found that this subject is something that many people struggle with. I am struggling with this currently. Fear is a huge barrier. Gandhi said, “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.”

We let fear consume us, define us, and keep us from moving forward. However, we are often our own barriers and unlike a character in a movie, we are not constantly acting or doing something to improve ourselves.

My problem, personally, is that I am afraid of the unknown. Not knowing how things will turn out scares me to the point where I have to turn off my emotions – numb myself. Dr. Brene Brown captured my attention when she spoke about this in her Ted Talk speech. It made me realize that this is exactly what I do. I numb myself, but the problem with that is that at times I am out of touch with reality because I cannot stand to engage in my life to stand up to my fears.

In my immediate circle of friends and family, I noticed that this numbness appears in them as well. It made me wonder how to break this chain. It has to start with someone who has the knowledge to make a plan to do it. It has to start with me.

So this is my start to helping me, then my family, and then maybe you. And I am doing this simply by just sharing this insight.

If you would like to get more out of this speech, please see the link below to the Ted Talk by Dr. Brene Brown.
I hope you will get as much out of this speech as I have and much more.

Have a beautiful day!


The Power of Vulnerability:

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My Experience with …



“ipsy is centered around the award-winning monthly Glam Bag, a personalized beauty sampling service based on individual style, beauty habits, coloring and preferences. With a network of 200 beauty vloggers and in partnership with more than 200 beauty brands – including Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics and Too Faced – ipsy is redefining beauty discovery through unique and meaningful content distribution. Today, ipsy boasts over 900,000 subscribers in the U.S. and Canada and is expanding rapidly.” – ipsy via Facebook

Their mission statement is … “To inspire women around the world to express their unique beauty.”

ipsy was introduced to me by two of my co-workers and friends. The founder of ipsy, Michelle Phan, is one of the biggest beauty gurus and vloggers on YouTube. I subscribed to her channel when I first started to get into makeup around the age of 16. Her videos played an instrumental part in my love for makeup. The goal for Michelle Phan was to create a personalized beauty service for people who did not know which products worked best for them. After researching ipsy and its purpose, I decided to give it try.


Every month I receive a sparkly, hot-pink, foil package with a “glam bag” inside of it filled with five goodies. All goodies are selected for the subscriber according to their personalized introduction quiz, which gets to know the likes of a person. For instance, through my quiz, I told ipsy that my complexion consists of having a medium/deep skin tone with dry, acne-prone skin and that I would like to receive hair, makeup, and skin care products. Since that quiz, ipsy sends out a personalized bag that is tailored just for me with products that fit my wants and needs.


It’s Beautiful…

With each bag, subscribers are able to review the products in them. If I did not want what I received, I am able to re-take the quiz, but I can also submit my thoughts and concerns about my future bag. ipsy is great with follow up, they are very fast-paced and it makes me feel secure that my money and time are highly valued. I have experienced great customer service with ipsy and have not had one problem with any of their services. It feels like I am apart of a tremendous beauty cohort.

It’s awesome because you can try out new and sometimes exclusive products. If you really like a product, you can purchase the full size, if it has not already been given to you. Sometimes you can even win a full-size product for free with ipsy but reviewing your bag for the month and sharing/inviting your friends via social media and email.

See what’s in my September Glam Bag…


If you are thinking about trying new products, may it be for your hair, nails, and/or skin – try ipsy. From my experience, it is completely worth it. Especially at $10 a month!


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Life hack – How to Remind Yourself with Your iPhone

Good Morning…


To begin this beautiful day, I would like to share a photo and a quote by Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius. You can find the link to the page where I found this photo and quote at the bottom of the page. The site features an abundance of good morning quotes that help me get my day started. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to kickstart our day.

How to Remind Yourself with an iPhone When Using Your Planner Does Not Work Out

I have struggled numerous times to pull out my newly bought planner and fill in things I need to do, things I need to remember, things I need to review, and new appointments or meetings. I thought that buying one would help me gain the discipline to actually manage my time better. However, that turned out to be a total FAIL.

How did I overcome?

Thanks to the reminder app in my cellphone, I can now plan out and see my schedule. I always complained that there were not enough hours in the day; yet, I only felt that way because of the time that I was wasting doing unproductive activities when I could have been knocking some stuff off my To Do List.

Here is how the app worked out for me…

IMG_3390This is my Friday To Do List. The bubbles to the left of the list allow me to check off what I have already done. Once the task is completed, it is deleted from the list by the phone which creates more space for me to add other items if needed.


If I click on one of the listed items, a lowercase i in a circle pops up to the right of the item. Once you have clicked on the circled i, it takes you to the details page where you are able to customize your reminder according to the date, time, priority, location, and you can also add a note.


For some items, I need them to repeat every week or so. The repeat option window, I can select when I want to be reminded again.


The custom selection in the repeat window narrows down which day I would like the reminder to be set for each week.

In today’s time, many of us rely heavily on our mobile devices. Since we are constantly interacting with them, it makes it much easier to plan and set reminders with it as we always checking our device for updates. With this app, we can also get an alarmed reminder to help those of us who have not checked our phones for a period time. A beneficial trick for me is that I can remind myself to check my reminders by using the app.

Though I have demonstrated that our mobile devices can help us remind ourselves easier if we struggle with the pen-to-the-paper method, it is not to dismiss it. Sometimes technology fails and when it does, we should be prepared to have that method as a back up plan.


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